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Image by Gioele Fazzeri

Unleash Your Fantasy with Lamia Leather:

Wear the Legend, Live the Adventure!



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Customer Reviews

Steve is my go to for anything leather. His bespoke work is exceptional. I have ordered vambraces, boot toppers, belts and a quiver to my design and he hasn't disappointed me yet.


Have known Stephen for over twenty years, from when he used to Roleplay, so he understands the use, and needs of his customers.
The last commission I had from Steve shows his enthusiasm and pride in his craft.
 love the carrying capacity and order of this bag, along with the attention to detail and the clasps, just that personal touch. 
Thanks Lamia,

Fred Green

This leather work is stunning. It was hand cut and stitched which adds to the ancient look. And is very hard wearing in a larp world.  Steve will cut it to size to make sure of this. 
I was also able to sort a payment plan to help if on a limited budget.


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